Talking Trees was founded in 2010 by Dr. Rosenna Bakari, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and incest. It is the first organization to encourage survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest to live openly. The organization began as an open online community and evolved to include an annual conference for members around the United States. Talking Trees, Inc. serves an international online community with almost half of its members participating from outside of the United States. The Talking Trees FaceBook Page is managed daily and creates a strong, collective voice for adult survivors. Talking Trees, Inc. produces a variety of online healing resources, including lectures, theatrical performance, and professional literature.

The organization was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2013 with Dr. Bakari serving as the Executive Director. She maintains that role currently.

Although many members relate to Talking Trees, Inc. as an integral part of their healing, we do not provide professional therapy. Also, our resources are not intended to replace professional services.